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Advanced Layout & Estimating Service

Professional Estimating for Electrical Contractors

Quality & Experience


ALES is veteran owned and has over 25 years of experience in the Electrical Industry.  ALES can do estimates for residential, commercial, Industrial and for utility work.  We are also very familiar with the government work using FARS.  Our estimates are completely detailed and have current pricing from a national company that keeps prices from manufactures current.  You can get marked up drawings that will help your men in the field during installation.  We have many detailed reports and can supply whatever you like in pdf or excel or word.  We will conduct ourselves in a professional manor with integrity.  We are a “Can Do” Company and will do our best to deliver in a timely manner.

Jim has many years in the electrical industry that started in Denver, CO with a four year apprenticeship right out of High School.  He worked as a Journeyman and foreman for three years before going into the “Navy Seabees” and doing a tour in Vietnam.  Jim attended University of Colorado at Pueblo and studied in business.   He then went to work for a National company as a Project manager and Estimator. Jim was there for 17 years holding the Master Electrical license for the company in all of the western states before opening his own company and from scratch building the company to 11 million in revenue a year.  At year 11 a large national company offered to buy company.  Jim at this time was having some health problems and decided to sell the company.  He sold and retired to Mobile, AL.  He found out the health issues were related to the high altitude and so he started the Layout and Estimating for Contractors.  This has worked out well and has helped many smaller contractors that do not have the resources to hire a full time employee.


Our primary customers are the small to medium size contractor that may need help from time to time and does not have the work to keep a full time estimator employed.  We can get you back in the field with your crew, not behind a desk doing what you really may not want to do.  Our rate is lower than you can hire a foreman in most cases and you only pay when we work for you.  We usually can get a drawing taken off completely in 2 to 2 1/2 hours and this is only for the drawings with takeoff on them not for schedules or specs or details.

We also do change orders for contractors that need some extra help in this area because you just don’t seem to have the time to do it and the GC is saying it is going in as a “no change” unless you give them a price.  We will have it you immediately!

Other customers are General Contractors that want a check figure on their sub-contractor or need an estimate for a project that they don’t have a qualified sub to give them a price

We do layout for contractors that want to maximize their estimate by combining and selecting the best routes and saving your Foreman the time doing this and keep him with the crew maximizing production.  A small investment in this area can represent a huge profit at the end of the project and your customers will really appreciate these drawings when doing trouble shooting in the future.